Big Bang visits Mater Hospital Special School

We recently had an exciting opportunity to take some science fun to the Mater Hospital Special School.

The students of this school are either being treated in hospital, or have to be away from their home for a long time because of a family member’s illness.

We devised a special program with activities covering a range of science concepts – light and colours, movement and electronics. The colour-changing UV bead bracelets were a huge hit with the younger students, while the older students loved experimenting with the electronics kits. Even the teachers enjoyed playing with all the movement-based toys!

It was a very enjoyable day all round, and it was also great to see how the older students helped the younger ones with some of the more challenging activities.

Thanks for having us, Mater Hospital Special School! We hope to see you again soon!

Do you teach in a special school, or know someone who does? We can tailor a specialised science program to suit the needs and abilities of your students – contact us today to discuss the possibilities!

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