Activities & Experiments

Temperature Sort

Do you know what’s hot and what’s not? Test your knowledge of temperatures...

Flying Cup Glider

Create a fantastic flying machine in seconds and marvel at its erratic flight!


Whip up this fabulously fizzy sherbet in seconds using pantry ingredients.

Skittle Rainbow

Try this colourful experiment, which uses Skittles to demonstrate solubility and diffusion.

Popstick Harmonica

Make a fun musical instrument using a few simple materials.

Hoop Glider

You won’t believe how simple this glider is to make – or how well it flies!

Coat Hanger Gong

Use an everyday wire coat hanger to make some very strange sounds!

Mexican Jumping Bean

Put those old Easter egg wrappers to good use in this fun activity.

Pouncing Pepper

Watch how detergent changes the surface tension of water in this amazing demonstration!

Make a Rainbow

A rainbow is often a welcome sight when the sun comes out after a rain storm. Find out how to make your own rainbow when there’s not a cloud in sight!

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